Code of Conduct

We will return every telephone call within one business day. If your lawyer is in trial or otherwise unavailable, he will direct a staff member to return your call.

We will keep you immediately apprised of all significant developments in your case.

We will treat your time as being as valuable as our own.

We will work with you in a team environment with everyone having clearly-defined roles and responsibilities.

We will educate you regarding the relevant law so you can make informed decisions.

We will work hard to execute mutually agreed upon strategies to attain the best possible results for you.

We set realistic deadlines and meet them.

We will listen empathetically and consider your feelings as well as the facts in the advice we give you.

We take a personal interest in your well being.

We will make your battles our own.

We take this Code of Conduct very seriously. Please bring it to our attention if you feel we have failed to live up to this Code in any way.


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